The cooler temperatures and changing leaves are a welcomed change for many of us who enjoy the beauty of fall.  For our children, it signals something different.  It is the season of costumes and trick-a-treat.  Many parents find themselves shuffling through the rows and rows at Wal-Mart trying to find that costume to delight their little ones.  And no costume is fully complete without that mask to hide one’s true identity behind that of princess, ninja turtle, or pirate.  It is all fun and games and an exciting, and candy profitable, time for children.

This practice of costumes, and more significantly, the putting on of masks, makes me think how often we of faith do the same.  How many of us hide behind masks so that others would not dare see the true person or emotion behind it.

How many put on a mask of jubilance while crying on the inside?

How many put on a mask of perfection while their life is full of sin and failure?

How many put on a mask of pietism while their minds are filled with doubt and fear?

How many hide behind the mask of others expectations?

Perhaps during this season of costumes, masks, and games…it is time for the people of God to remove such…and be the true persons God has created and desired them to be.

Be YOU.  Be REAL.  God created the amazing you.  Let your light shine.



Pastor Keith


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