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Borderless Love Update-

We have begun building the Orphan Home!!

Here is a link that tells about it: Borderless Love Orphan Ministry


Dear St. Paul’s,

It’s with much excitement and thankfulness that I announce, we are finally ready to begin building the home!

Thuy has continued making connections with the villagers.  She recently brought them simple water purifiers, which were received with thankfulness.

This village needs Jesus’s love and hope.  You are bringing His kindness and compassion there.  Thuy believes God will start a church in this village.

This home that we are building will be a center for the whole community to come together, and become our brothers and sisters in Christ!

The home will be structured as a foster home, which has shown to be a healthier lifestyle for orphans, compared to the traditional orphanage.   Thuy will be a foster mom, although they don’t have this term in Vietnamese.  The home will be able to host a missionary or two desiring to serve in short term missions.  I know there are several of you who feel called to serve there.  (If a larger group desires to go, they can stay at another location in the village.)

Thuy has arranged to begin a honey production business that will be a part of the sustainable farm, that will provided the support to keep the mission running.

In Texas, there will be an art sale for the home, and possibly some new donors.


In North Carolina, there will be a yard sale for the home.

Please keep all this in your prayers.  Thank you so much for your steadfast love and support!


Becky Simons


Borderless Love Ministries Mission Statement: We are a non-profit organization that strives to follow Christ’s example to bring love and hope to the world’s orphans.

Borderless Love Ministries Present Mission Project: We are building a home for orphans in Vietnam. We are working towards a short term mission project/trip when the orphanage is complete to help make the orphanage a home with furnishings and décor, to share the message of salvation through Christ’s grace, to build chicken coops and gardens, and most importantly to tell the orphans that we love them and God loves them.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Borderless Love Ministries:

Becky Simons

St. Pauls’ committee: Cindy Shugart, Nancy Long, Jessica Lutz, Kimberly Styers, Brandon Church, Candace Childers, Howard McAlister, Pastor John, Rachel Sigmon, Mari Lynn Sain, Doris Frindt, Sandy Stillwell, Jeanne Jarrett

St. Paul’s Committee President: Cindy Shugart

Secretary: Kimberly Styers

Treasurer for the orphanage from St. Paul’s: Jeanne Jarrett

The Orphanage Committee invites anyone who feels led to join the committee!

The committee will meet 1-2 times each season

Financial Calendar:  Actual Amount Reached as of

October 25, 2017: $13,058.70

Prayer Team Members for Orphanage:

Becky and Nathan Simons, Jessica Lutz, Jason and Kimberly Styers, Jessica Miller, Brandon Church, Richard Heffelfinger, Candace Childers, Nancy Long, Mari Sain, Cindy Shugart, Luke Simons, Beth Weikel, They Nguyen, Pastor John, Doris Frindt, Rachel Sigmon.


Borderless Love Ministries News

Interview with Thuy about the orphans

Becky: Why does this village need a home for orphans? 

Thuy: I used to pray for God to use me to help where there is need because I would like share good news. I hope they will recognize, trust and believe Jesus through me. This village is very poor and the flood comes every year. It sometimes goes so high that they lose their crops. The consequence is children and all people in this village have very hard life.

Some children have to go to school about 15 km away, without lunch, or only one meal a day. Some parents have to stop sending children to school ( they can’t supply books or materials and uniforms).

Other children quit school because nobody takes care or supplies for them. For example, at the time I purchased the land, I was sad to hear story that nobody  was taking care of two children because their parents died by the lightning. No one was able to help them(they quit school, were catching fish to do whatever they can earn for living). They were just 7-9 years old, one boy and one girl. The future is gloomy.

I would like share gospel forever , giving hope anywhere I go. So I pray and trust that God will touch this village and these people will see the love of Him.

Becky: What will happen to the children if they don’t have a home?

Thuy: I think that the children have no future with nobody protect, guide and care.

Perhaps, a bad person would use them to sell lottery ticket, beg, sell heroin, or sell their body. The future seems very dark.

If we have a home, we can help the children in need. When they grow up maybe they can help others. Maybe they will become a missionary or pastor in the future. I hope all will have happy family.

Becky: How are you going to care for them and make their lives better?

Thuy: I will pray for them,  love, and care for them.

At this village, it’s very hard to make money because there’s no jobs.

Even if parents have  just one child, they already can’t supply for their children.

I think of some ways to provide food and income, like raise bees, make coconut oil or vegetable oil.


If God provides,  I would like buy a field to supply rice for the orphans. Plus we can sell. We could share with some children  and families that are starving. This can make jobs for people as well.

In this village, there are means for economy product, rice and  forest (we may sell trees after every five years. Don’t have to take, but takes time). I need to find out which one is good when I go there.




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