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Meet the Pastor…

Rev. Dr. J. Keith Brown

Pastor’s Statement of Ministry

As someone once said, I believe that true ministry is to be “Jesus with skin on.” As I look at the example of Christ, I see a man of love, a man who loved all people so much that He died so they might live. He offers life now and forever with Him for those that believe. That means that salvation is offered to those that have been raised in the faith and those that are new and struggling for answers. It means those that look like Wall Street and those that look like bikers or miners. It means those that are white, black or any other color. It means those that are ninety or those that are nine. It means those that are Republican and those that are Democrat. It means all. Christ’s love, forgiveness, and eternal life are given through an act of grace. I didn’t deserve it…nor does anyone else. I didn’t earn it…nor can anyone else.  It is through that precious gift and our acceptance of His grace that we are saved.  With that said, I believe that my responsibility, and that of all Christians, is to share Christ, love others, seek His will for life, and help whenever possible.

I believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is our manual for faith and life.  We should study it, use it, and respect it.  I want to help people grow in their knowledge of Scripture and God, grow in their ability to live that faith out in their daily life and work, and help them understand the big picture of involvement and care for others. I want to help encourage community and the family of faith and help them deal with crisis and trouble.

I guess my focus of ministry is to love people in the good and the bad, teach them in their growth, and lead them to draw closer to Christ.


Pastor Keith




Associate Pastor/Senior Adult Minister: Pastor Rick Crotts


Secretary: Mrs. Donna Rudolph


Financial Secretary: Mrs. Jane Echerd


Piano/Organist (Minister of Music) : Mrs. Nancy Long

Assistant Musician: Patsy Davis


Custodian: Mr. Dennis Smith