By Donna Rudolph

Yes, I said who. A lot of people look over this one fact. They have head knowledge of the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, but that is all. Not a lot is said about the Holy Spirit in church these days, He is a person. A lot of Christians don’t really know anything about the whole subject of the Holy Spirit. We seem to just acknowledge God and Jesus Christ. But if you will remember in scripture, when Jesus ascended to Heaven, He promised to send His Spirit, the Holy Spirit. Did you realize that the Holy Spirit is a knowable person?
A lot of people, including Evangelicals and church Pastors believe that the Holy Spirit is a force. A force has no personality, just power, like the force of gravity. You can watch it in action, if you fall, you fall down, if you drop something, it drops to the ground. This is the force of gravity. When magnets attract, that is a force. When magnets repel against each other, it is also a force. Can you have a personal relationship with gravity? (Only if you fall down!) What about magnets? No, you can not have a personal relationship with either one. As I said before, Scripture tells about the Holy Spirit as a person. In John 16:14, Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as a “He”, and not an “it”. The Holy Spirit wants us to know Him and to be treated as a person. The Bible speaks of all the things that the Holy Spirit does:
He speaks, Acts 13:2
He teaches, John 14:26
He guides, Acts 8:29
He is obeyed, Acts 10:19-21
He is walked with, Galatians 5:16
He is grieved, Ephesians 4:30
The Holy Spirit is to be worshiped and treated as a person. Your relationship should be enjoyed! When you have a relationship that you prize, you talk and listen regularly. If you want a deep personal relationship with the Spirit, you must listen and talk. When listening to the Holy Spirit, you must be aware of His Presence, attending to God’s Word and look at how He works in your life and the lives of others.
In Acts 15:28, the leaders of Jerusalem showed they were aware of the Holy Spirit. They were trying to decide an important issue and consulted the Holy Spirit. They decided a course of action because it “seemed good to the Holy Spirit”. When the leaders listened and obeyed the leading of the Spirit, the result was substantial! They didn’t rely on their own wisdom. The Spirit united their thinking. Have you ever been prompted by the Holy Spirit to do something? In Acts 8:29 the Spirit prompted Philip to witness to the Ethiopian eunuch. When Peter went to visit Cornelius with strangers, it was because “The Spirit told me to go with them”. Paul knew that in every city he went to, that imprisonment and afflictions awaited him, Acts 20:23. Because the early Christians paid heed to the Holy Spirit and consulted Him, the gospel spread to all the Gentiles in Jerusalem, Ethiopians in Africa, and beyond, to the ends of the earth!
Did you know you are to talk to the Spirit by praying in the Spirit all the time? In Ephesians 6:18; Jude 20, the Bible tells us that when we pray continually, this makes the Spirit a regular part of your life. It becomes real to us when we practice praying to the Spirit. When you become a parent, your children are a constant in your life. They are literally everywhere you are and go. No matter what, we always have a sense they are near, and we know where they are because we are aware of their presence. When you pray in the Spirit, you pray with an awareness that He is there.

When times get stressful and temptation threatens to get the best of us, He is there. When He brings someone to your mind, intercede for them in prayer.  Listen for His guidance. He will tell you what He wants if you listen, you will just know. Our world is so noisy, we can’t hear Him. You must be still, you must listen on purpose. The Bible says in Psalm 46:10, He says, Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Who are you listening to? Are you listening to all the noise of the world? Are you listening to the Holy Spirit? He gives you a choice. You have to choose, that’s what free will is all about. God does not force Himself on anyone. Salvation is a gift, a free gift. The thing about a gift is that you must receive it. If you don’t reach out and take it, and receive it, it doesn’t belong to you. Accept God’s gift of Salvation today. Then He will give you the Holy Spirit to come and dwell within you and seal you for redemption, Ephesians 4:30.


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