Don’t Let Fear Keep You From God’s Best

A phobia is defined as: “a persistent, irrational, fear of a specified object, activity, or situation.” (  The truth is…most of us have at least one.  Perhaps for some of you the idea of standing before the church on a Sunday morning and doing what I do…well, it scares you to death.  For others, it might be those creeping, crawling spiders that always seem to find their way into our homes.  Still others, it might be those tall places with drastic drops (with you on that one.)  Yep…most of us have at least one.

The reason this idea came to mind is that I have the opportunity to be gifted a quick trip out west to see my son for a couple of days.  And yep…that means flying.  And anyone who has been around me any time at all knows…Pastor Keith don’t like no planes.  Yes, I have a real phobia of flying.  So…what a decision: to face my fear and accept the blessing of this kind gift and precious time with my son…or give in to my fear and play it safe realizing he will be coming back here at some point.

Life  is full of opportunities, fears, choices…and potential blessings. God often calls us to act or do in His name and yet, sometimes, we hold back due to fear, or at least a degree of discomfort.  In doing so, imagine the tremendous blessings forfeited and blessings possibly denied to others.  God never asked us to step out in faith and face our fears without Him.  He is there to help, encourage, support and guide.  Don’t let fear keep you from pursuing God’s best for you and others as you do His work in His name.

Now…I am sure you are still asking: “Well, PK…are you going to fly?”

As I write this I can only say…I’m trying to convince myself to do it.  We will see.

I guess I should heed the words of a friend who said: “Suck it up, buttercup.”

I will let you know how it turns out.




Pastor Keith


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