Dear Church Family,

I hope you all had a wonderful and happy Christmas. Carla and I are so very thankful for all the

many cards and gifts but even more importantly, for your continued love and support.

I am writing this article between Christmas Sunday and New Year’s. It is hard to believe that this

Sunday will mark my first anniversary as your senior pastor. As many of you know I spent a lot of

time thinking about 2017 during my break in late November. We are tweaking a few things and

adding some things. But I PROMISE that any “changes” are being done carefully, slowly, informatively, and with proper approval and support. We will also continue to look long-term as

we prepare for our growth and vitality in the future. With that said, allow me to share just a few items with you:

  • Our Wednesday morning Bible study will now be called, “Bible Talks.” We do this to distinguish it because my hope is to eventually have an evening study as well. We will be calling groups and ministries by specific names to help in our planning, promotion, and scheduling.
  • The Well, our Monday night service will begin again on January 16th at 7pm It will be meeting in the fellowship hall and will include coffee, teas, and even hot chocolate. We are also always open  to food and goodies if you feel so led. Everyone is invited but PLEASE remember…the focus of this service is ages 13-30. That is our target audience. That means you may love it…but you may not. But, our hope is that it will be a place that attracts the younger folks. Believe me…there has been MANY hours of interviews, research, and prayer that has gone into this suggested change. We also plan to have live Facebook for the service too.
  • Our Sunday service will remain basically as is and we continue to search for a new instrumentalist, ever thankful for Nancy’s help.
  • I am working on an organizational chart with all applicable ministries and positions. My hope is that we can begin plugging in more folk into needed positions within our volunteers’ gift and interest areas.
  • We will begin creating more small groups that will meet in other locations and times outside of the main church property. All groups will be under our leadership and training, but we will be able to reach new people.
  • We will be doing some remodeling and rethinking our children’s wing and ministry. We want to get ready for what God is going to do. We are even changing Sunday morning Sunday school to “Kid’s Quest” Sunday School. This allows for a more fun, positive, and updated name to what we will be doing. 

    Can you tell that I am really excited at all the possibilities for our church and its import on our community? There are many other things we will be doing but these are just a few.

    So…are you plugged in? If not, let’s get you there. Talk to me about how God can use you to bless others and help your church.


    May God bless you in 2017!


    Love, Pastor Keith



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