BY: Pastor Rob Helton

For years our family celebrated the Thanksgiving Holiday with “The Annual Thanksgiving Day Football Game.”  All members of our family, and anyone else brave enough to venture onto the playing field (the cow pasture), got in the game.  Several years and a hip replacement later, I think we may start a new tradition.  We’ll call it “The Annual Thanksgiving Day Pool Tournament.”

I love Thanksgiving for more than just football (or pool). I love it for more than good food, although good food is a great reason to love it. I love Thanksgiving because I see the way people around me actually give thanks.

Since Cindy and I have been members of the St. Paul’s family we have been blessed to see how people give thanks.  We have watched as generous people have given their time and talents to do so many jobs around the church facility.  From mowing grass to changing light bulbs, you have all worked hard to keep our building and grounds looking good.

Cindy and I felt the love and generosity of our church family personally through the kind words, cards, personal notes and gifts that you shared with us during pastor appreciation month.  Thank you!

Right now, we are in the process of collecting gifts and putting them into the Samaritan’s Purse shoe boxes so that kids around the world will receive Christmas presents this year. Thank you for participating in these and other opportunities to give thanks.

A few words about giving.  We all know that there is a difference between being thankful and just knowing that we’re blessed.  Most people who live in this country are extremely blessed, but that doesn’t mean that we are all thankful.  Those who are truly thankful share some of their blessings with others.  Thankful people give!

Can I be really honest?  The cold hard truth, the one I would rather avoid, is the fact that there is only so much stuff to go around.  This world has a limited amount of resources. In order for those who have very little to have a little more, those of us who have a lot must be willing to have less!  To put it another way, some of us must learn to live more simply so that others can simply live.  To put it yet another way, we must learn to give thanks by giving.

This month I just want to say thank you!  Thank you for being the kind of people who give thanks by giving!


Pastor Rob


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