Have Passion… but Have it Peacefully

By: Pastor Keith Brown

Like most of you I watched in sadness as report after report of violence and destruction were released by every news agency across our nation.  The nearby city of Charlotte became a major news story and what was normally considered a lovely southern city of banking, business, and even sports…became the poster child for racial disharmony, fear, and anger.   What originally started as a peaceful protest quickly escalated into mob mentality and well…the rest is a matter of record.

Our nation is in the midst of unrest.  It is true that many things are not as they should be.  I think all of us, regardless of who we are would agree to that.  And sadly, the racial divide of the 1960’s now seems to grow with increased thrust and it comes from every “side.”  It is evidenced in our streets, our churches, and even now in the schools where our kids attend.

The purpose of this short article is not an attempt to offer a quick fix to these major issues nor is it a soapbox attempt to preach any social agenda.  That is not my purpose, job, or calling.  Proclaiming Jesus is.

My only purpose in this simple article is to remind all of us that we are to stand on our beliefs, our foundations, our traditions, our passions…and for those of us at St. Paul’s…our belief in the redeeming value of the cross.  BUT…we are to do so  with a heart of peace, love, and desire for God’s kingdom to be clearly seen here in our nation, our state, our cities, and in our community.  It is easy for us to see media reports, either factual or hyped, and jump to anger, hatred, and even responding action.  Is that what Jesus wants?  Is that what Jesus would do?

I hope that we as Christians here in Newton, NC are never placed in a position where we have to forcefully defend our Christian faith.  I am grateful for men and women throughout history that DID fight and sacrifice for that freedom.

Dear St. Paul Members…

Be people of faith…people of conviction…people of prayer…people of peace.  Be people who want to see others come to Jesus Christ.  Be people who want to see lives changed with the Gospel!

Don’t fret dear believers.  God is still in control…even when things we see sometimes appear not to be.



Pastor Keith


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