More Than a Building

“It takes a village to raise a child,” they say. I understand the quote and in some ways, it is true. Those that interact with our children do impact them as well.

But I want to give you another quote…and this one is from me. Here it is: “It takes a church to raise a blessed believer.” Allow me to explain.  Most of you know that the last several weeks have been quite difficult for me, trying to work, take care of Carla who was bedridden for almost three weeks, and trying to handle medical bill issues that hit hard…even with health insurance. Some of you could see the stress on my face, the tears on my cheeks, the exhaustion in my voice, and the pain in my eyes. It wasn’t a matter of faith. I had that. I believed God still loved and cared for me. I still believed God had a plan and purpose. I still believed that God would receive glory…but…it was still humanly hard.

And unfortunately, its not easy to hide ones pain when that one is also the pastor who stands on public display, in the pulpit and in the halls. With that said, my FAMILY at St. Paul’s responded. You gave me hugs. You gave me words of encouragement. You faithfully prayed for Carla and me. You gave financially to help with the medical bills that had me shaking just opening the mailbox. In other words…you guys were truly “Jesus with skin on.”

I am so thankful for you and the love you showed. I have said if before and will say it again: if one doesn’t have a church family…they are missing out on one of God’s true blessings. And notice that I used the word..FAMILY. We here at St Paul’s are a family. No we won’t always agree on stuff. Sometimes we might make each other mad or frustrated. Sometimes we might unintentionally hurt one-another…but folks…WE ARE FAMILY.

One more thing. This family needs to be in the business of adoption. We should want to open our arms and our hearts and encourage others to join us.  Why? Because if you ain’t in the family…you ain’t receiving your max blessings. Thank God for your church family. Encourage each other. Participate. Attend.

Always remember that I am just a call away for any of you.


Pastor Keith


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