My Country ‘Tis of Thee

It won’t be long until July 4th is here.  The beaches will be full, the campgrounds will be overflowing, and the streets of places like Gatlinburg will be rustling with the patter of feet.  Baseball parks will be full of people cheering on a hit while munching on a hot dog and backyards all across the nation will produce billows of charcoal and delicious food.  It truly is a wonderful time of the year and a grand time to celebrate as citizens.

Unfortunately, our nation, like history past, is wounded and fractured.  The same freedoms that some fought to preserve are today sometimes used to divide.  The faith of our founding fathers is so often now ignored or even ridiculed.  Those of us who are proud of our country stand up for her and behind those brave men and women who daily place their lives at risk to protect us.  

I was watching a Youtube cut of someone interviewing young adults and asking them simple questions that included things like: 1) What is the significance of July 4th?, 2) What happened at Pearl Harbor?, and  (this one will really sadden you), 3) What is the significance of 9/11?  You would not believe the answers that were given.  They had no idea why we celebrated the 4th.  They didn’t even know where Pearl Harbor was, and they actually thought 9/11 was some battle that we fought in a previous war.  And then we wonder why so many of our  young have no sense of national pride, respect or value.  We wonder why people burn flags, spit at military, and kneel during our nation’s song.  Now to be clear and fair…this is NOT all our young people.  Some are truly engaged, knowledgeable, and  respectful.  Let’s be thankful for them.  

Well, I will tell you that for this father of a serving military person…these things matter to me!  

I realize that there are problems in our country.  I know that our leaders, on both sides of the isle, often let us down and don’t keep their promises.  Yep, there are problems.  But part of the blame lies at the feet of us…Christians.  

We need to pray for our leaders, our nation, our military…and most importantly…keep sharing the hope that is found in Jesus.  

So…as July 4th approaches…roast the hot dogs, take a dip in the water…but never forget what it truly means and what was sacrificed to give it birth.  

May God bless the USA and all of us.

Pastor Keith

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