By Pastor Keith Brown

Well this Spring has certainly been a wet one.  There have been days of rain and just when we start to see a tease of blue, more rain.  We know that it is a necessary part of the life cycle and without it, we would surely starve.  But, it can certainly put a “damper” on thousands of Memorial Day plans (pun

intended). As I sat alone thinking about this article, looking out the window and seeing more of the same old clouds, and of course…those light, steady raindrops, I began to think about that word “rain;” and then I thought about how I could use it to remind myself about God and His glory, His grace, and His love.

So…I thought I would share my reminders with you.  Here goes…




R-rest in His arms of love and support

A-acknowledge His authority over your future…and your now

I-include songs of praise and acts of worship in your daily activities

N– never neglect time in His Word.


These are just the ones I came up with.  I am sure you can come up with your own that are even better.


But the idea is simple…


Use whatever tools you can to remind, connect, and adore our Lord and Savior.

















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