Spring Dreams

For many people there is no need to wonder what time of year it is.  Their runny noises, hacking coughs, and watery eyes are clear indicators that spring is in the air.  Even with the discomfort of so many with allergies, it truly is a beautiful time of year.  The flowers pop with color and the trees put on their cover of green.  From the drab of winter comes signs of life and hope.

The same might be said of us. The weather is warmer, the desire to enjoy the outdoors increased, and the hope for fun and excitement increased.  It is also an important season in our faith.  We have just celebrated the resurrection of our Lord and, like the disciples of old, have something to celebrate and live for. Christ is risen and with it comes hope and opportunity.

I think there is no better time of year to dream than this.  Scripture has time and time again shown God’s revelation through the dreams of his followers. Has God given your a dream…a desire…and heart…for some type of service? Has he given you a vision of ministry that you have yet to do?  Is he speaking into your heart with purpose?

There is no better time to dream with God than now.  You are never too old, never too settled, never too untrained to be of valuable service to our Lord.  So…as we are in the middle of this time of bloom, beauty and hope…I encourage you..allow yourself to dream and ask God to fill those dreams with HIS WILL for your life.


Pastor Keith


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