One thing we all know is that we have just experienced a cold and wet winter, having snow and sleet as recently as one week ago. This winter also gave us an amazing amount of sickness within the church family and many were sequestered in homes in an attempt to protect others and sometimes, even themselves.

But as I write this article on my morning off, my mind drifts to the every increasing blue sky, seventy plus afternoon temperatures, and the budding of flowers and trees. SPRING is finally showing up!

This guy can’t wait to hit a trail this afternoon to experience it in all its fullness.

The new season of life, appropriately corresponding with Easter and the resurrection of Christ, also reminds us of new beginnings. It is a time to look forward with new purpose, passion, and the assurance of God’s love, grace, forgiveness…and because of Easter…eternal reward. Now that’s

something to come out of a winter hibernation for.

So as I write this short article I have to wonder: Are there areas in your life that needs an influx of new

life? Is there something in your past you need to let go and move on with newness of hope? Is there past sin you need to allow God to wash away through the blessed blood of Christ?

It’s SPRING!!!! It’s time to enjoy God’s creation…both externally…and internally. It’s a time to start fresh. Take advantage of it.


I pray blessings on you all,


Pastor Keith


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