By; Pastor Rob Helton

Way back in 1994, Alan Jackson resurrected an old favorite entitled “Summertime Blues.”  It’s all about the great injustice of being forced to work during what should be the lazy months of Summer!  Well, I hope you’ve been able to take some time off over the Summer. If not, time is short! Better get started!  We’re already saying hello to our old friend, August!

So, since Summer is slipping away and Fall is around the corner, I thought perhaps I should use this month’s article to say a few words about some Fall stuff…some up and coming Fall attractions!

First, beginning the first week of August, we will start a new series of sermons entitled “The Kingdom of God.”  The kingdom of God (aka, the kingdom of heaven) was the central message of Jesus. It was the focus of is actions and his teachings.  So, we will take three or four weeks to explore the topic that Jesus talked about almost all the time.

Then, beginning September 1st we will follow up our series on the kingdom of God with a series about the parables of Jesus.  The series title will be “The Stories Jesus Told.” These stories are all descriptions of the kingdom of God.  In fact, many of them begin with Jesus saying, “the kingdom of God is like…”

So, in August we will work on a definition of the kingdom of God and from the first of September till the beginning of Advent we will look at Jesus’ descriptions of the kingdom of God in his parables.  This, by the way, will be a good time to bring your friends, especially the ones who want to learn more about the central message of the Christian faith.

Second, beginning Wednesday, August 28th we will launch our weekly Bible study.  Each Wednesday we will host one Bible study group at 10:00 AM and another at 6:30 PM.  So, if you work during the day but would like to participate in a Bible study, you can come in the evening!  I won’t give away too much about the study now, but we will begin by talking about the overarching narrative of scripture and how the Jesus movement of the first few centuries fit into it (and how the church still does).  It will be an informal study in which your questions and insights will be welcomed! I hope you can participate!

Down the road (after the first of the year) we will begin Confirmation classes for anyone interested in participating.  The classes are not limited to young people. However, if we have adults interested in the classes, we will probably host separate classes for children and adults.  The classes are for anyone who wants to understand the central teachings and doctrines of the Church. It would be helpful to have a list of everyone who would like to be a Confirmand, so we will have sign up sheets available soon.

Well, I think that just about covers our Fall (and New Year) attractions.  I am looking forward to it! I hope you are! Meanwhile, do all you can to avoid the Summertime Blues!  Maybe pull out the Alan Jackson CD (or ask Alexa to play it).

Pastor Rob


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