Sunday School Classes for Everyone


Sunday School Classes for everyone:

  • Children (ages 3-6): Cathy Flowers is the teacher, and her classroom is located in the yellow nursery room when there are children present.
  • Children’s Elementary Sunday School (1st-5th grade students): The teacher is  Cathy Flowers.  This class will meet when children are present.
  • Children (ages 7-14): Cindy Shugart is the teacher and her classroom is located beside of the library (first door on the right as you pass the church offices).
  • High School/Senior High (ages 15-19): Cindy Shugart is the teacher and her classroom is located in the Youth room next to the Fellowship Hall. This class is currently studying the “Life and Ministry of the Messiah”. The curriculum of this class includes life applications, studying Bible history, and Biblical archeology via DVD.
  • The Cornerstone Class/Senior Adult Class:  Doris Frindt is the teacher and Paul Woods is the substitute teacher.  We have a wonderful group of couples and ladies in our class. There are 20+ members in our class now. Our lessons are Bible based and we get new books quarterly. Our study this quarter is “Case Dismissed a Study of the Book of Romans”. Our lessons are very good and are so relevant to what is happening all around us in our United States and around the world. Our classroom is located as you come down the long hallway from the sanctuary, toward the Fellowship Hall, through the double doors, turn right, at the first opening, a short hallway leading to our classroom, “The Cornerstone Class”. We welcome anyone who would like to join us. “Come, join us! Be blessed by Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and be a blessing to others!”
  • Friendship Class is an Adult class for any age: Rose Smith is the teacher. This class is located in one of the small rooms within the fellowship hall. The class is currently studying Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther. At the present time they are studying Esther.
  • Fellowship Class is an Adult class for any age: The class currently meets in one of the small rooms within the fellowship hall. We are presently studying out of the book Waiting For God by Juanita Ryan.  We are learning through scripture readings and group discussions how we can be blessed by God and gain wisdom thru Him as we endure trials of life.


(**Please Note: Some years ago when the Friendship and Fellowship Classes were formed, it was suggested that these classes and the Cornerstone Class would encourage membership based on personal interest in curriculum topic rather than age. Relative to the specific study taught, members could feel comfortable flowing from one class to another, with each class being “ageless”. )

**Children’s Church: 10:20-11 AM : This is for our Elementary students. Cathy and Gerald Flowers are the teachers.