—Instead of article here is a little IQ test for you… 

 Here is an I.Q. test for you. No, It’s not Intelligence Quotient, but it’s an interesting test, and see how you rate.

  1. Have you spoken to anyone since church services this past Sunday to share with them what Christ and His church mean to you?
  2. Do you often speak to someone who has been absent from the services to express your concern for them?
  3. Have you invited a newcomer to the community to come with you to church anytime in the past four months?
  4. Have you encouraged or invited anyone who does not attend any Sunday School or church to visit yours with you?
  5. Have you spoken to someone you did not know personally who was in the church services to extend your personal word of greeting and welcome?
  6. Have you taken time to greet the people who sit next to you in the pew before or after the church services?
  7. Do you pray for the aforementioned opportunities or pray for the ability to use opportunities as He presents them to you?
  8. Do you pray that the Holy Spirit will burden you with the souls of lost people around you?

Now that you’ve taken the test, how well did you score? If you got eight “YES” answers, your I.Q. is terrific. Five “YES” answers rates you in the category of a “cold fish”. And with only 3 or less “YES” answers…take your pulse! You may be dead and don’t know it!

Seriously, there are people all around you every day who are waiting for someone to care enough about them to offer a warm genuine invitation to the fellowship of the church. Increase your I.Q. this week. Invite someone to worship with you this Sunday at the church.

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Pastor Keith




2 thoughts on “WHAT’S YOUR IQ?”

  1. Of all the questions above, #3 stood out to me the most. About 3 months ago, we invited a very special lady to come visit us in our Sunday service, and she did. She and her preteen granddaughter came, really enjoyed the service. Filled out the communication card but was never contacted. She had intentions of returning to our church, but did not. She is now in remission from lung cancer. This was her first time of being in a Church in years, and chose our church because of all the good she had heard me talk about. We fill like if she HAD BEEN contacted, we possibly could have had 2 more to add to our count every Sunday. Any answers or reasons on this one? Very hurt!!!!!

    1. We have not seen a communication card with the above information on it. If you could submit the names and
      addresses of this family, we will contact them. I am deeply sorry about this.

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